Client Testimonials

  • Unfortunately I only had little time left and could do only 4 treatments but these left very very good Thanks a lot!


  • After this seven days treatment I feel balance in my stomach. So now I take some medicine and so back to normal very soon. Thank you so much

    Sven Kihlstron

    Toup Angaland

  • Dr Bindu, What I can say? It was wonderful to meet you and learn with you! you are a great teacher and besides that a beautiful person! I loved being here and having the 12 course! Thanks for recieving me with so much love!



  • I enjoyed the massage very much! I feel very relaxed and a good body. Thanks a lot and good future

    Martine Stegrolf


  • Thank you very much for all, what you have done for me- it was great! I have got ayurvedic massage the first time in my life, and I hope to come back, because I feel so relaxed.....All the best for you!

    Carola Nasdala