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Ayurveda (Indian Traditional Medical Systems)

It is considered to be the oldest methodology among the different systems of medicine. Ayurveda is a unique contribution to the mankind from the great sages of the east.Ayurveda is a scientific discipline or a way of living to establish a balance with the nature as a whole.

Ayurveda works on Tridosha theory, Vartha, Pitha, and Kapha support the body like three pillers of a building. The balance of which is health and imbalance is disease. The maintenance of balance is the primary goal of Ayurveda and the secondary being bring back in to balance what has gone out of whack. Ayurveda follows a holistic approach to the patient , a disease when affects a person imbalances the whole body not mearly a particular site.

Panchakarma - Pancha means five and karma means Technique

The five techniques when are used for maintaining the balance of Tridosha are called Panchakarma.