Local Attractions


Anjengo Fort

Anjengo Fort, one of the prime attractions of Varkala, is a testimonial to many historic events and links related to the colonial rule in the region. Situated in the vicinity of Varkala town, the fort is believed to have been constructed between the 17th to 18th centuries. The period of construction of the fort can be estimated by the oldest buried grave dating to 1704. Presently, the fort remains in ruins but stands as a testimony to the fact that many foreign invaders had tried to capture it for getting a firm footing in Kerala. The name is believed to be derived from a small land with five coconut trees, which was given to the East India Company by the Queen of Attingal on lease. The small land served as a site for establishing a huge fort to help the British in carrying out numerous trading activities. Preserved under National Heritage Monuments, the fort also houses a cemetery that has the mortal remains of the occupants of the forts.



About 6 kilometers (3.75 miles) north of Varkala town is the scenic Kappil Lake that gives way to the enchanting world of Kerala backwaters. This serene estuary meanders through dense coconut groves before merging into the Arabian Sea. The bridge over the lake is quite a vantage point to view the backwater stretching white and grey to the distant blue horizon. Boating is another great way to browse this tranquil waterway. For this measure Kerala tourism has set up the Kappil Boat Club in the area, from whom you can hire row/pedal boats. Lots of people taking trains and buses through this area get a scenic view of the estuary in between Edava and Kappil. Do explore as far as Kappil beach, the meeting point of Kappil Lake and Arabian Sea. It is a secluded, rocky stretch lacing a grey sea.

In this part of the Varkala coastline you will not find a single fishing boat. Perhaps the sea is too choppy for such an endeavor. In the quietude - only broken by the waves crashing on the shingles – you will fell like spending hours perched on a rock and gaze at the blurry white-grey sea swelling and breaking tirelessly. If getting great pictures is also important to you, amble down this narrow strip of country road lined with swaying palms between the roaring sea and the placid backwater. The place brings upon you an absolute sense of calm.