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1. Abhyangam ( Massage )

Herbal oil Massage for general health,improving blood circulation,good sleep and maintainingMuscle tone. Abhyangam is to be done daily.This is effective for lower back pain,disk prolapses,sciatica,cervical spondylosis,peri-arthritis,bursitis,tendonitis,osteoarthritis,varicosity,sports injuries,diabetesrelated problems and paralysis.

2. Udwarthanam

Herbal medicinal powder massage which is used to reduced the accumulated fat and maintain the skin tone.It is highly recomented in case of obicity.

3. Elakizhi

The whole body or specific parts are made to sweat by applyingcertain medicinal leaves tied up a boluses in muslin cloth. This is usually used forpain management in sevior cases of pain and blocked circulation.

4. Podi Kizhi

A process by which the whole body or specific parts of it are made to sweat by the application of certain medicinalpowders tied up muslin cloth or boluses. This is usuallydone for all skeletal and muscular deseases and for swellingsand pain in the extremities. This is also done along with pizhichil.

5. Njavara Kizhi

The whole body or specific parts are made to sweat by applying medicinal puddings consistingof rice tied up as boluses in muslin cloth. It is usually done to strengthen muscles and as an after-treatment of pizhichil to help the relaxed muscles attain its original form.

6. Pizhichil

A luxurious treatment in which warm herbal oil is poured over the body along with a massage in a rithmic manner.This treatment relaxes the muscles completely, loses accumulated tension and revert to its natural state.It is effective for all skeletal and muscular disorders,rheumatoid arthritis,osteoarthritis,lumbago and sciatics.

7. Shirodhara (Dhara)

A process through which a soothing stream of oil, medicated water and milk is poured over the forehead continuously for 40 minutes to one hour for 7,14 or 21 days. This is a treatment effective for disorders in the nervous system resulting in conditions like insomnia, headache, vertigo and hypertension.

8. Shirovasthi

The process by which warm medicated oil is poured into a special cap fixed on the head of the patient and retained for 45 minutes to one hour. This treatment is very effective for eyes, nose and ear aliments, headache, facial paralysis, insomnia, spondylosis and disorders arising out of a deranged vata. It also improves vision, memory and mental faculties.

9. Nasyam

Herbal oils, medicated milk and herbal powders are applied through the nose to promote better eye sight, hearing, and sense of smell, quality of sleep and function of taste buds. Nasyam is done regularly with prescribed medicines to prevent degeneration of functions of the organs like eye, ear, nose and tongue. It is effective in conditions like acute/chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, loss of smell, nasal polyps, tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, loss of balance, short sight, long sight, sleep apnea and snoring.

10. Vasthi

A process through which herbal oils and decoctions are applied through the rectum to cleans the body of toxins and for proper digestion, assimilation of food. This is used mainly in vata disorders.

11. Virechanam

A process through which medicated oil, decoctions or powders are taken orally for purification of the body from all kinds of toxins. It improves both digestion and absorption powers of digestive system. This treatment is mainly used to treat pitta disorders.

12. Vamanam

A process through which vomiting is induced with the aid of herbal medicines in order to increase the functioning of the lungs and to prevent excessive accumulation of phlegm in the mucous membranes. This is used for Kapha disorders.

13. Mukhalepam

An ayurvedic paste made out of wide variety of herbs that help in retaining your skins natural beauty and helps to clear all your skin problems thus making you even more beautiful.

Fertility for Women and Potency for Men

Combination of a group of herbs in particular ratio helps to regulate the hormone balance and make the utrus to conceive, effective in endo metriosis, ovarian cyst, PCOD, dysminorrhoea and aminorrhoea. It is good medicine to release hot flushes.

In male increase count, motility and volume, etc.


" Regular Yoga classes available for basic and breathing exercise ( Pranayama ) "

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