Panchakarma & Infertility Hospital...

Healthcare Packages

All Procedures are available as single treatment and various packages.

  1. 3 day package
  2. 7 day package
  3. 14 day package
  4. 21 day package
  5. 28 day package
  6. 1 month package
  7. 2 month package
  8. 3 month package

Fertility for Women and Potency for Men

Combination of a group of herbs in particular ratio helps to regulate the hormone balance and make the utrus to conceive, effective in endo metriosis, ovarian cyst, PCOD, dysminorrhoea and aminorrhoea. It is good medicine to release hot flushes.

In male increase count, motility and volume, etc.


" Regular Yoga classes available for basic and breathing exercise ( Pranayama ) "